Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wasn't that three day weekend wonderful?  The weather in Northern Illinois was great except for a brief interruption by mother nature dropping buckets of water on us!  My boys had a blast with the inflatable pool and their newest favorite toy - squirt guns!

So, we went to a friend's Serbian church for their holiday picnic.  On the church grounds they have pit roasters where they roast pork and lamb and it is delicious!  They also have a selection of different types of pastries which I will not attempt to butcher spelling!  Suffice it to say, everything tasted wonderful and I would love to try and duplicate some of the fare at home!  That might be a post sometime in the future.

I HAD to bring something to the picnic, I am one of those people that hates to go anywhere empty handed and I usually try to bring something homemade.  So, I made this recipe again:


The cookies are pretty yummy!  They were a hit with all the kids when we went to the water park a couple weeks ago.  This time, I added a little Almond Extract in addition to the vanilla.  I think it added a little extra flavor without being too much.  Here is a pic:

I imagine the people at my husband's work are happy to have the leftovers this morning too!  They go GREAT with a cup of coffee....hence why I sent them away!  :O)

Needless to say, I have to get on my bike now and tow the boys around!  Too much eating this weekend!  Hope you enjoy your day!


  1. Oh I love chic chip cookies with almond extract. My DF in FL brought us by some as a moving treat and I asked her why they tasted yummily (yes, I make up words me thinks) different. She told me she didn't have any vanilla on hand! Then another time, I accidentally added it instead of vanilla. It's all good, no? :)
    Hope you are well, dear neighbor and friend!

    1. I have never tried the almond extract in chocolate chip cookies before, but I have experimented with it in other things like shortbread cookies (YUM!) and icing, and sugar cookies. Most people have had the same reaction as you did asking what that "something" is.

      By the way, I love the "yummily" and might have to steal it some time soon!

      Stay well, neighbor!